So how many of you tell yourself that you will “start on Monday’ your diet! I know I have! Every week! On Sundays I eat everything under the sun!
I am going to change this thought process. I think we all get overwhelmed when giving up foods we love. So instead of giving it up all at once, I will eliminate one thing from my diet that is unhealthy. In my case, I will start off with eliminating my TasteKakes! Yours may be Soda, chips, icecream etc. you get the idea.
Next I will add something in place of that. Since we are in that “eating habit” we must retrain these habits. In place of tastecake, I will add a Rice cake or make an Organifi drink. Or do both.
The idea is to switch your foods to healthier food, instead of giving up food. Don’t worry about cutting calories yet. That is just to overwhelming at first. Start eating healthier. The more healthier you eat the less cravings you have. You will fill your hunger urges with good foods. This is so true. A few weeks ago I was on my Agame, eating healthy, drinking my Organifi Green Juice. Organifi helps with, fatigue, weight loss and inflammation with the wondrous power of Mother Nature herself. Organifi brings the many benefits of natural herbs and roots, organic superfoods,show?id=JldXAEXTnpo&bids=456561 "I'll start Monday" NOT!
The past 2 weeks I been eating horrible and I feel sluggish and all I think about is sugar! I said I would start Monday and here it is Wednesday! So no more starting! Im changing!
I think easing into a diet is better than going cold turkey, eliminating foods you enjoy all at once is stressful. and no fun! You have to figure out what works best for you.
This is going to be my plan..
1) Eliminate, at least one, guilty pleasure food..In my case I’ll be eliminating my TasteKake. (each week or every other day, eliminate the bad, gradually getting rid of the guilty pleasure foods. Gradually doing it makes it easier to change your lifestyle)
2) Adding more healthier food,
3) Adding more Organifi Green Juice (this fills me and satisfies my sugar cravings!)
Organifi Go – 1 Box – 30 Go Packs
4) Add a 15-20 minute workout, or walk, swim, anything to get your heartrate up! This helps boost your metabolism and immune system.
5) Add more water (I am so bad when it comes to drinking water. I must change this habit!)

Next week I will step it up a notch. I will start eliminating more sugars, and add more exercise, drink more water.
Every week I know I will feel better. I hope you do this with me. It is always motivating when you have a team.

I wanted to add this video. It is an easy start to help that exercise routine.