So what is Juicing? I never really understood juicing? I was always like, ‘screw that I’d rather eat the stuff than drink it’.  After my husband found out that he had prostate cancer, he was determine to beat it naturally. One of the ways to do that was to build your immune system up and to detox your gut. Our gut is a large area that is responsible for a healthy immune system.  How do we build up our immune system? Eating healthy, and a lot, a lot of organic greens builds up your immune system! With this knowledge, I had no choice but to pick up a Juicer.

The more greens my husband got in his diet, the better off he would be with fighting his cancer. Cancer cells do not like oxygen (they love sugar) and leafy greens have a lot of oxygen in it. The greens also help you detox your body. Leafy greens also help build up your immune system.  So Juicing was now in our life.

I have to admit, the first month was so annoying. Going all organic, prepping it (washing, chopping, peeling), then blending it. Cleaning the mess. It was a chore. Once I got the hang of it, it then became a lifestyle. It is now like second nature. I know exactly what I am doing with it and that is half the battle. We do not substitute meals with Juices. In our case, they are add-ons due to needing the oxygen from the greens.

So whatever you do, don’t give up on it. Juicing is so beneficial to your health!

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2 thoughts on “Juicing! It is a love/hate relationship

  1. Scoop of vanilla bean organic plant base powder
    1/2 Tsp cocoa powder
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    Handful blueberries
    Handful raspberries
    Cup of water, cup of ice
    (You can substitute one of the fruits with a banana. I would not do all 3 fruits Bc it would increase the sugar)

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