Poor Gut Health can be the reason of feeling sick and tired. You are not alone of being Sick and tired all the time.  I been feeling like this for years. I thought it was just stress, which is a contribute, but after researching on my “new Healthy lifestyle” I came across a this chronic illness called Leaky Gut Syndrome

I knew Immediately that this is what all my health issues could be caused from. Leaky Gut! Who knew?

I have been suffering for years of stomach pain. Back in 2010, I had a full hysterectomy because of Endometriosis. I had chronic stomach pain issues all the time. They said it was due to the Endometriosis. It did not make sense to me because my pain was more in my upper stomach area than the pelvic area. So how was it the endometriosis causing this pain. My doctor told me that the pain I’m feeling is referred to that area. I had nothing to go by and just trusted him. So I went for the hysterectomy. Putting me in full blown menopause, PREMATURELY. Well 7 years later I still suffer from those stomach pains. I was misdiagnosed. I did not do my research. I could have saved those ovaries if I had know better.

I have officially came to the conclusion, after much research, that I must have Leaky Gut Syndrome. It explains all my health issues.

What is Leaky Gut??

Leaky gut syndrome is a little known but very common disorder that refers to an irritated and inflamed small intestine. This irritation or inflammation results in foreign substances being absorbed into the bloodstream thus causing symptoms and other health problems. In other words, large spaces formed between the cells of the intestinal wall allow penetration of bacteria, toxins and food. The term “leaky gut syndrome” was coined by functional medicinal practitioners.

The symptoms of leaky gut vary from mild to serious. These symptoms can really affect your quality of life because most of them are recurring and difficult to deal with.

The most common symptoms are related to the digestive tract like diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, abdominal pain, food sensitivities, food intolerance, fatigue  and many more.

Why Your Gut Health is the Most Important Factor of Your Overall Health and Wellbeing!

  • 1) Your gut is responsible for up to 80% of your immune system.
  • 2) Your gut is responsible for protecting you against toxins and pathogens including: harmful parasites, bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungi.
  • 3) Your gut is responsible for producing the main chemical substance needed to fight depression.
  • 4) Your gut is responsible for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients needed to supply the entire body with the required building blocks for energy, growth, and repair.

The best way to treat leaky gut is to have a natural or holistic approach and then make sure that you follow the leaky gut diet and use the right supplements. It is quite difficult to treat leaky gut by yourself, especially if you are not a health expert and you don’t know much about the gut and the digestive system. This is why we recommend everyone who has leaky gut to get the leaky gut cure program by Karen Brimeyer. It is a guide that is very well known to be successful in dealing with leaky gut. Basically, it is a complete manual on everything you need to know about leaky gut and how to treat it.

I will be blogging a lot about Leaky Gut. I plan to do more research on this and share with you. I want to start this Leaky Gut Cure Program asap. I will keep you posted on my progress with it.

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